BLADE Earphones

A.I. Powered Earphones To Push The Limits

Incorrect running posture not only lowers your performance & end goal, but may lead to injury. With BLADE, the real-time A.I. voice coaching provides instant advice on parameters such as your head angle, symmetry, vertical oscillation, step length and width with voice commands such as "Lower your head angle and look forward" and "Well done! Your head angle is back to normal!". BLADE guides you through your run step-by-step.

Supreme Sound Quality & Battery Life

BLADE provides you with an immersive sound experience wherever you are. With Soul's signature sound your choice of music will keep you motivated throughout your exercise. You can select Transparent audio mode to hear your surroundings while enjoying your music.

Get up to 96 hours-on-the-go playtime with the quick USB-C charging case. you can run more than 24 full marathon races with BLADE.

BLADE, the new generation of smart sport technology. Truly Wireless design with sports in-mind; make your training easier and faster.